Concierge Medicine at Ramsdell Pediatrics

With Concierge Medicine, families pay an annual membership fee to access this revolutionary and unprecedented premier partnership not available in traditional pediatric practices. Ramsdell Pediatrics, Inc. limits the practice to a much smaller patient base, so that each patient receives a far greater level of personalized attention. Because fewer patients are scheduled during any given day, there is no waiting for an appointment and there is no time spent in a waiting room. Same day or next day appointments are readily available and last as long as necessary until all relevant issues have been properly addressed.

There is little to no wait time in a crowded waiting room and parents are able to discuss all questions exclusively with the physician during routine office hours without needing to access a nurse or triage service. All parents receive the physician’s personal cellphone number and email address to have direct access after hours for urgent matters. If deemed necessary, the physician will see your child in the office thereby decreasing the need to visit an urgent care or hospital facility. Members are also able to have virtual appointments when determined appropriate via email, text messaging, Skype, or Facetime, which is especially helpful when families travel or can’t make it to the office. Initial newborn evaluations will be performed in the comfort of your own home, and house calls are available. As a courtesy to existing Members, visiting family members with children have access to Ramsdell Pediatrics during their stay. Ramsdell Pediatrics also will coordinate care to specialists, laboratories, and hospitals.

This personalized healthcare model gives you the peace of mind that your pediatrician not only knows you and your child, but is also just a call away in an emergency. After hours, all calls are directly answered by Dr. Ramsdell without going through an answering service or nurse triage system. Parents have the ability to discuss urgent illnesses with Dr. Ramsdell via telephone, email, text messaging, Skype, and Facetime. In addition, if your child’s condition warrants urgent evaluation as determined by Dr. Ramsdell, you will be seen regardless of the day or time. The only emergency room visits are due to true emergencies that cannot be handled in an office setting.

The extra time and access Ramsdell Pediatrics, Inc. offers enables us to focus on overall wellness, disease prevention, and child development. Parents are reassured knowing that they have a trusted liaison to help them navigate the ever-changing landscape of parenting.