General Practice Policies
Medical Records

New patients should bring copies of their prior medical records for their first visit with our practice. We will enter the data and scan the records into your child’s Electronic Health Record and return the paper copies to you.If your child receives care out of town or after hours from another practitioner, please bring a copy of the visit, or ask them to mail / fax a copy so we can keep your child’s medical record complete.As we see your child for well care we will provide you with an update on your child’s immunization records and growth and development data. This record is important to keep at home. From time to time you may need these records when our office is not available. Your child’s medical records are maintained with strict adherence to patient confidentiality laws. You may, with a written, signed request, obtain copies of your child’s medical records. We usually require 5 business days notice to prepare your records. We recommend you pick up your records and take them to your new physician if you are moving.

Consent to Treat

Our office policy is that a parent or legal guardian must accompany a minor (less than 18 years of age) at all times. This is our policy for several reasons:

  • To assure that the information we obtain is correct.
  • Allow you to hear our findings.
  • To have you available to consent to tests or immunizations/procedures.
  • Allow you to learn about the expected course and what complications to watch for.

In today’s world of working parents, it is sometimes necessary for nannies, friends, or relatives to bring a child into be seen. It is also sometimes necessary for an older teen of driving age to come by him or her self. In these cases please fill out a Medical Treatment Authorization Form.

Financial Policy

The following are our financial guidelines relative to financial responsibility:

  • Payment is expected at the time of service. This includes co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles. Failure to produce payment at check-in may result in your appointment being rescheduled.
  • Please provide a copy of your insurance card at each visit.
  • Patient balances on accounts must be paid prior to receiving additional services.
  • Any amount not covered by the insured/patient’s insurance is due within 30 days of the time of service.
  • Accounts will be turned over to a collection agency if past due 60 days or more.
  • As a courtesy to our patients we gladly accept cash, check, Visa, and Master Card. Failure to pay your balance may result in discharge from the practice.
  • A service charge of $35 will be added for:
    • Returned checks
    • Administrative fee associated with accounts turned over to collection agencies.
    • Dr. Ramsdell assess a fee of $375 per hour if a court appearance is requested or required via subpoena. The party requesting the appearance, or the attorney representing a party requiring the appearance, will be responsible for this cost.
  • In the case of services provided for minors, the individual who initiates services for the child will be responsible for payment. We do not bill another individual or estranged spouse for payment.
Healthcare Insurance Policy

Ramsdell Pediatrics, Inc. has contractual obligations with insurance carriers to collect all co-payments, co-insurances, and deductibles on the date of service. All copays, deductibles, co-insurances, as well as any outstanding balances, will be collected upon check-in. Insurance claims are filed on the date of service, therefore, it is very important for you to have your insurance information current. Please be prepared to present your insurance card at check-in every time your child is evaluated.

We participate with most insurance plans. Your insurance coverage and benefits are a contract between you and your insurance company. Each plan has different benefits for you as well as different financial obligations. Not all insurance policies cover all services. It is your responsibility to check with your insurance company to determine covered benefits. We are required to file with your primary carrier only. It is your responsibility to file charges with any secondary insurance carriers for reimbursement.

If you have insurance coverage under a plan with which we do not have a contract, you will be treated as a “self-pay” patient and will be provided documentation to assist you in filing your own claim. We offer a reasonable discount for our cash paying patients. We will give you an estimate of what will be due at the time of service and payment for services is due at the time of service

Vaccine Policy

Dr. Ramsdell believes that vaccinations protect children from serious illnesses and the respective complications of vaccine-preventable diseases, but does not exclude families from the practice if parents choose an alternative vaccine schedule or choose not to vaccinate their children at all. All efforts will be made to educate families such that they may make informed decisions regarding their child’s healthcare.